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photo of all 3 varieties of C.E.T.® VEGGIEDENT® Chews for Dogs, with a sad-looking lion toy in front of them. Text says: Bad breath is nothing to play around with.
Dental Chews for Dogs

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FR3SH® Numbers1

A breath of fresh air

Line drawing of dog. Text says: A breath of fresh air. 75% of dog owners.

complain about their
dog’s breath2

A quick delivery

Line drawing of calendar page with numeral 1 on it. Text says: Fresh breath from Day 1.

Continued results over a 2‑week period with daily use

A noticeable difference

Line drawing of thumbs-up. Text says: 9 of 10 dog owners.

perceived positive results of bad breath

Triangle with text that says: 3-way performance. 1, cleanse. 2, freshen. 3, balance.
FR3SH® Technology delivers fresh breath and more.


Just one chew daily reduces tartar and plaque, the oral causes of bad breath.


Freshens breath with every chew.


Contains a prebiotic known to support proper digestion.

Innovative Shape

photo of chews showing Z-shape
Unique Z-shape allows the chew to reach front to back and everywhere in between

Healthy Ingredients

graphic of 2 leaves on a stem
Plant-based, gluten‑free and easily digestible

Gut Health Support

line drawing of a dog’s stomach
Contains a prebiotic known to support proper digestion and help maintain intestinal well‑being
Photo showing bags of all 4 available sizes of C.E.T.® VEGGIEDENT® FR3SH® Tartar Control Chews for Dogs
Available Sizes
Packaged in resealable pouches and available in:
  • Extra Small (<11 lbs)
  • Small (11-22 lbs)
  • Medium (22-60 lbs)
  • Large (>60 lbs)
More Information

C.E.T.® Branded Products

Photo showing group of Clean Every Tooth dental care products for dogs

Our Clean Every Tooth line supports your dog's dental health.


Pet Dental Quiz

Photo of a beagle lying down and eating a dental chew

This quick quiz helps you get a snapshot of your dog's dental health.



1. Chala V, Chaix G, Navarro C, Espuna G. Evaluation of breath freshening effect in dogs following chew administration: an open field trial. In: Proceedings from the European Veterinary Conference Voorjaarsdagen; April 11-18, 2018; The Hague, Netherlands. 2. Data on file, Kynetec market research, 2016. Virbac Corporation.


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